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Belami says: Twink day today features Andy McAllister and Hugo Boss. These two guys are about the twinkiest that we have on the roster, so it just made sense to have them in a scene together. We had been keeping this scene for Freshmen, but with so many new guys coming along we decided to … Read more

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Belami says: It’s raining men this week as we welcome Justin Saradon and Sven Basquiat back as joint models of the week. Each month we will continue to bring you a selection of our ‘Art Collection’ sets taken by Benno Thoma for us during our major productions. These will normally be couples and of course … Read more

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Belami says: Please don’t get too excited when seeing Andre in the intro to this clip, as he runs away before the action starts, but he is replaced by fellow sweetheart, Justin Saradon, so we hope that will make up for it. Justin’s partner today is Ben Radcliffe, who with only a half dozen scenes … Read more

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Belami says: Sometimes it is good to share, but at other times it is OK to be a little greedy, as Dylan decides today when presented with the choice of sharing Giulio with Jim, or keeping him for himself. This scene was filmed for our special Jim and Dylan project, but in the end, we … Read more

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