Italian Stallion Anthony

For sure one of the hottest sessions we have had in a while, we had our Italian stallion friend Anthony, give up his hot hairy hole for us.

But before we started, we decided to get naked and have a long hot sweaty massage table session, we started off massaging Hunter’s beautiful muscle body, then we all took turns ass up on the table.

It was pretty fucking hot getting my ass eaten out by both of these sexy fucks, but not as hot as it felt when they were both massaging my fat cock with their throats.

And then them both blowing their loads in my face and sitting on my tongue as I slowly stroked my dick, woof.

We fucked so long and hard our cocks were raw. This is a long hot video, there is something nasty hot for everyone in this video.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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Philip Newton
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