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Bentley Race says: During my recent visit to Sydney I got to meet this straight guy called Mark Michaels. Mark is a 21 year old tradie from the suburbs of Sydney. He told me that he was interested in getting in to making porn.
But with few avenues for straight guys to get in to porn in Australia, he contacted me about doing some solo modelling on Bentley Race. I’m glad he did because Mark is a really nice guy, and very handsome.
I hadn’t planned on doing any shoots in Sydney during that trip so I had to shoot the whole thing using just point and shoot cameras. I’m surprised that the shots and his video still turned out so well. And I wasn’t going to miss getting this shoot with Mark.
He was a bit nervous during the shoot. But he was absolutely fine. He made a quick solo jacking video on the bed and I followed him to the shower to catch him soaping up before ending the shoot. I like Sydney straight guys a lot.
They are very laid back about getting naked and being photographed. Some of them really get off on it. Mark seems to be very popular on the site since I started posting his stuff yesterday. He has already asked about when we are going to shoot again. Read More